One IV tubing & multiple drugs

  1. I need help.
    I am in a new small hospital. The nursing dept. has a practice of utilizing one secondary IV tubing to administer multiple 'compatible' drugs.

    In 20 yrs of practice I have always used a separate tubing for every drug I administered. Even if they are compatible, I have believed you still needed to be concerned with leaching of the drug into the tubing & that mixing was a poor practice. But I can not find a specific standard that states that information.

    Can anyone assist me with this, or tell me if I am right or wrong. I am quite confused currently.
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  3. by   RGN1
    Here in the UK it's common practice to mix delivery of compatible drugs. If a drug is "compatible" than that is what it is. We have a list on the ward as to what we can or can't mix.
  4. by   ginger58
    With compatible drugs we use one secondary tubing, back flushing the line before hanging the next piggyback.