On Call For PICC lines

  1. Anyone have any thoughts on whether or not there should be on call personnel for PICC lines and if so what should the hours be. We have an issue of being called in all hours of the night for PICC lines. We do not believe that this should be an emergency procedure thus taking the place of central line insertion. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions????? Thanks.....
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    I am in charge of our hospitals PICC line program. We assess every admission within the first day and place the most appropriate line up front. Often a PICC. This proactive approach means less requests that are "emergant". While a PICC line is a great choice for most patients we believe that if a patient has to have central access at 2:00 am they probobly need an MD visit anyway. A PICC line IS NOT an emergancy procedure. We do not do call. We occasionally are asked to come in on the weekend but when we discuss the patients needs we find that most of the time they can wait until Monday. Hope that helps.