Need help with clotted catheters??

  1. Our local hospital inserts Groshong PICC by Bard which we have no problems with and they do not require heparin. Another hospital which we receive referrals from inserts Cook PICC's which seem to clot quickly whether the patient is on an infusion pump or doing IV push. We are using 100u/ml heparin 3cc as final flush. Our team can not figure this one out and our pharmacist believe it is the type of line. Anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks for any help.
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    try using an anti-reflux lock such as the clc2000. if unable to order, or until you do, make sure to use a positive-pressure flush
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    an addendum to my previos message: do be cautious with your groshongs-they will, in fact, clot. certainly not as often as open-ended caths, however, fibrin formation occurs no matter what the tip is. a "flap" clot can occur-causing inabillity to aspirate as the fibrin flap is pulled into the valve at the groshing tip. and, as with any type of cath,infusate precipitate can cause occlusion. there are a number of centers which heparinize their groshongs anyway.again, i encourage the use of an anti-rteflux lock and/or the routine use of a positive-pressure flush.