IV Team Responsibilities

  1. Hi! I work on an IV team in a large hospital and would like some input on what other IV teams job descriptions include. We do all the starts and restarts housewide except specialty areas (TEC, ICU, L/D, PEDS etc) but we are their backup if needed. We also have to hang all blood products housewide except the mentioned specialty areas. Mind you, we go get the blood, check with nurse on floor, spike the unit, start the infusion and then WE LEAVE, the floor nurse is responsible for the transfusion...isn't that dumb???? We are nothing more than glorified couriers. That is how this hospital has always done it, and of course the floor nurses don't want to change it because they don't want to have to go and get the blood. We also have to give and read all the TB tests on the patients, and give CHEMO that is anywhere other than the Oncology unit...we are fighting this right now, trying to make it the Oncology units responsibility since they are more experienced and keep up with the new drugs/protocols. Needless to say with all this other "stuff" we can hardly keep up with starts/restarts and PICC placements. Input welcomed! jb
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