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  1. There is an opening on the PICC team at the hospital I am currently working at. I am very interested in applying but wanted to get some more information about PICC teams. I am currently an OB/GYN nurse interested in changing jobs. What are the hours usually like? What is being on a PICC team like? What are your other duties aside from inserting PICC lines? Any info about this job...likes/dislikes...would be fabulous. Thanks.
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  3. by   cxbf
    I work on a picc team at our hospital. I started by working on the IV team, after about a year and a half, I studied for and took the certification test for CRNI (for infusion therapy). While on the IV team, I assisted the picc nurses with insertions, developed an interest, took a class and then was trained for several weeks by our nurse clinician. Our hospital requires that you are CRNI certified and that you place a minimum of 10 piccs a month. Our picc nurses also work on the IV team and we typically place piccs once a week. We always work in teams of 2 and I love it. Good luck