How to become PICC RN

  1. I was just wondering how one becomes an RN that inserts PICC lines. It seems quite interesting and was wondering if anyone knew how to become one, the requirements, job opportunities, etc.

    Is there an association like AACN (critical care nurses) for PICC nurses.

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  3. by   nursesearl
    There are many courses where you can learn to insert a PICC line. I believe you need to be proctored 3 or 4 times before you can do an insertion on your own. The course I took was 1 day and we inserted a PICC on eachother. I work in home care and do insertions for my agency. I also work perdiem for an IV company that has contracts with nursing homes, so I insert PICCs in nursing home residents. I live in a rural area and have many opportunities, but in a metropolitan area, opportunities are even better. The company I do perdiem work for has asked me to work for them, but too far from home. Good luck.
  4. by   New CCU RN
    Do you have any websites or resources of how to find out the courses? Thanks
  5. by   nursesearl
    I just did a search and came up with several hundred choices. I did mine in Buffalo, NY. You could do a search to find one in your area. Try
  6. by   CRNI
    For information on PICC certification classes in your area, try the Infusion Nurses Society website: Typically, you can attend a one-day PICC certification workshop and then place a number of successful PICCs under supervision. Unfortunately, unless you have an opportunity to place these lines routinely, it is difficult to maintain competency. Good luck to you.
  7. by   zambezi
    Our hospital has an iv therapy team with the rns certified to place PICCs...I believe the hospital puts on the training workshop, provides mentors, etc...have you inquired around your hospital to see what they offer?