How hard do you flush???

  1. I was always taught to NOT flush a PICC too hard, however, when learning to insert piccs, the preceptor really seemed to use alot of force. I questioned her about this and she said it was ok. Trust me when I say she used ALOT of force !!! Is this ok? How much is too much? Thanks
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  3. by   LisaCRN05
    ?? Maybe I'm confused about what your preceptor is doing and what you are saying. When you flush a PICC with a 10ml syringe, I have always been taught in school and by IV nurse to pulsate. I'm not sure what exactly "hard" means? Usually when you check blood return, you know the line is patent and usually the line has no problem flushing. That has been my experience? Anyone else?
  4. by   Mandolyn
    I agree....there should be no force involved when flushing any type of IV line. You should be able to pull back to check for blood flow and flushing should go smoothly. If it doesn't go smoothly then something is not right and you need to figure out what that is. As mentioned above, using a pulsation technique with the syringe and flush is fine, but no forcing. You do not want to force a clot into the system or blow the line.