1. Hello all nurses,
    I am new @ this site. Sounds like it will be very useful. I have been a nurse for 25+ yrs. I love it. I worked in the hosp for 17 yrs & then did long term & agency work. I now got a IV tech job. I am getting alot of hints @ how to put in IV's the 1st time. My boss says we should ALWAYS get the stick the 1st time & never have a infiltrate. Ha Ha. She is obviously not a nurse. I am doing this for 1 month. Any more suggestions?? I tried inserting the needle further in the vein before advancing the cath today & it worked like a charm. Thanks Sweety 2
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! I'll move this thread to the IV Therapy Forum so that you get more feedback.