Ganciclovir, how to prepare it?

  1. Ganciclovir is indicated for CMV retinitis. I reviewed several safety handling cytotoxic drugs or hazardous drugs I found that we handled it similar to antineoplastic drugs and pharmacy prepared it. but in my country nurses prepare and administer like it's an antibiotic. I concern about carcinogenic and teratogenic issues. What about in others countries? How do you prepare it? And if pharmacist must prepare it, what should I do to change the policy?
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  3. by   Certifiable
    We also don't receive it prepared from the pharmacy. In my unit, we have what we call a "hood" that you prepare drugs in. in theory it sucks out the air inside thus you are less likely to be exposed. However, we are still supposed to use gloves and a surgical mask while handling gangyclovir. Not all nurses do, unfortunately.
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    Thank you. You clarify that's we should handle it as chemotherapeutic drugs.