CXR verification of PICCs b/4 use

  1. Our Hosp. policy calls for CXR verification of PICC placement before use if the patient has an existing PICC on admission. What about the interim blood draws ("using" PICC by flushing w/ NS after draw)? How about the interim q d antibiotic therapy? What is everyone else doing?
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  3. by   Catfoster
    Get your verification first
  4. by   iluvivt
    we verify picc tip placement before any use ...... once i was starting an iv and noticed the nurse was hanging tpn on a pt with a picc in the next bed... i did not recognize the name.....i stopped them and we got a CXR The picc had looped back down with the tip in the basilic vein near the ACF what a save...............desperate for blood for sampling,,,,,,,iwould get the speciman but i would never use it for any therapies until confirmed unless emergency situation and then get confirmation as soon as pt stabilized...make sure pt does not have ant signs or symptoms of malposition