Amphotericin Infusion

  1. Is amphotericin considered a vesicant, and should it be infused with maximum hemodilution for long term therapy??
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  3. by   CHRIS TAYLOR
    Amphotericin is NOT a vesicant. Hemodilution would depend on physician order, ultimately, as well as patient status(CHF/Renal Failure/etc.). For long-term use a PICC Line would be a good choice for infusing this drug or some other sort of central line device.
  4. by   Anna Weissmann
    Amphotericin B has severe sclerotic tendendies and can cause tissue necrosis if leakes into surrounding tissues. The appropriate type of vascular access device would be one where the tip of the catheter is in the central venous system for greater hemodilution as well as safe administration.