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Infusion Clinic Medication Inventory and Ordering

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I am a new infusion nurse at a small rheumatology infusion clinic. I have a background in ER and ICU nursing with a few years of med-surg. The nurse I am replacing left before I was hired so obviously she did not train me but the other nurse that would fill in trained me. That being said she did not have to do all the required behind the scenes work such as medication ordering so I am trying to figure out what process will work the best. 

I am seeking advice on what other infusion clinics, not attached to hospitals that have the ability to use their supplies and pharmacy, do for medication inventory, drug and supply ordering. Any cheat sheets to share? 

What I have started doing is trying to order medications up to two weeks in advance and have an extra 10% on hand for those weight based drugs. I would like to start having several extra doses on hand so that I could accommodate last minute infusion add-ons.

Also, how do you have your infusion areas set up and what are your favorite supplies?

I hope this makes sense 🙂

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KSGMaine has 8 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Endoscopy/Infusion.

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I worked in a Rheumatology Infusion Suite and am now working in a Gastro IV suite - and we just  had this discussion today.  And the nurse is doing exactly what you are for ordering medications.    I believe that is how it was done when I worked in Rheumatology as well.

Do you keep track of your drugs on hand?  I'm looking for a template so we can start reconciling medication on hand/used/received, etc.  I'm also curious if you use pumps or flow regulators...

Favorite supplies of course are all the necessary stuff:  Varying bags of fluids (100, 250, 500, etc.) IV supplies (tourniquets, gauze, catheters (24g, 22g), gloves) Rescue Meds, Code Cart, and all that jazz.

We have warm blankets, snacks and drinks, tv's w/roku.

Hope this helps!





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