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Information on Diabetes--effect of heat and humidity on Blood sugars

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Good evening everyone, I am a nursing student and a friend asked me for some information about diabetes that I was unsure of. So, of course I cracked open my books to look for the answer. Of course, the book was of no help.

She asked me if the heat and humidity affects diabetes. She is a type 1 diabetic who exercises frequently, and checks her sugar levels at least 5 times a day including before and after exercises. Since the heat and humidity has been increasing, her numbers have been roller coasting. So, I skimmed the internet with mixed information, so my next step is asking other nurses and if theirs any solid information.

EDIT: Only information I got from my books regarding exercise is the obvious; exercise lowers blood glucose levels; excessive(strenuous) exercise can cause an opposite reaction(counter regulatory hormones) causing temporary hyperglycemia. -- It doesn't mention what happens after this temporary hyperglycemia. I can only assume after a period of time that it will drop to hypo.

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