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Hi All,

I was just offered a position with a state prison. There are two full time positions available, a five day a week 8 hour shift in the infirmary, and a 3 day a week, 12 hour shift in the "other" category (sick call, new admits, etc).

I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of which would be "better". Although I'm sure each has their pros and cons (hahaha).

I'm really torn as to which I think I would like better, and am looking for any insight! Please feel free to ask any clarifying questions.




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Generally, Infirmary is more of an urgent care environment, with anything coming through the door at you. More traditional nursing, although in Corrections you often can/must use your judgement to handle situations, especially if you work off-hours.

The Sick Call, History and Physicals type position is more rote, repeatitive work.

As a new nurse, I did sick call for 6 months and then moved to the Infirmary. I'm glad I did because it took time for me to get used to the Corrections environment, how the inmates think and act and the games they play.

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It would depend on the size of the infirmary and the number of nurses. I really enjoyed my time in the infirmary...