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  1. Hi. I work for an outpatient surgery center as an RN. We recently got a new administrator who is of all things a surgical tech. She's recently told us that we can no longer leave the building in our scrubs to get lunch and no extra time is allowed to change and leave then come back and change and eat. She keeps using the phrase "sterile technique", and we all know our scrubs are not sterile. At the same time, it is ok for those who smoke to go outside and smoke in those scrubs but we are not to even go out to our cars to get whatever. Recovery nurses have to walk all patients out to their cars. She has yet to present any rationale other than its all for the sake of "sterile technique". If there is any ID nurse that has sensible rule at their facility regarding when and where scrubs can be worn and if it includes all nurses or just circulating nurses I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
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    Have you talk to your supervisor? Maybe, a charge nurse on your floor? Someone that you can trust and that can help you? If they can't help you maybe you should go to the Directors of Nursing? Good luck and hope you find what your looking for