Supplies in Patients Rooms?

  1. I have heard that keeping supplies (tape, iv tubing ect) in a patient's room is not "best practice"...due to increased risk of supply contamination...can someone tell me where to find articles r/t this...or general info/website/list of Best Practices..thanks...
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  3. by   MunoRN
    I can't refer you to any evidence, but I've been told by my IP department that the practice of keeping "Nurse servers" in the patient rooms with supplies that will be used for multiple patients "has been studied" and they haven't found that these supplies are any more contaminated than supplies kept in a central store room.
  4. by   Heidimc
    For best practice from what I know sorry no articles btw, is that things like tape, sterile water sealed etc ok to keep in a room, but sometimes its just, you gotta think a relative will touch this, so what can you be happy with them touching? thats just me though