Special nursing care for patients with meningitis.

  1. Im writing about meningitis and what we as nurses should think about when we take care of these pat. If you have any tips please let me know.
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  3. by   Kim T Le
    A constant skilled nursing attention is neccessary to ensure in recognition of rising intracranial pressure, to prevent aspiration in the event of convulsive seizure, and to avoid airway obstruction. If you work with the patient who just diagnoses within 1-2 days of meningococcal disease, strict isolation procedures are neccesary. You can find more info. in Med/Surg Nursing Foundations for Clinical Practice,2nd edition, by Monahan, F.& Neighbors, M.(1998). Or in Nursing Care Planning Guides, set 6, by Neal, M., Cohen P.& Reighley, J.(1999). Good Luck.