N95 Mask Shortage?

  1. Anybody else heard about a supposed backlog of orders for N95 type masks?
    Are you stocking up on some for yourself or your facility?

    It seems that several hospitals in Ontario are having difficulty obtaining enough, and typing "SARS" into Google nets several offers for masks--N95 and just plain surgical--at exorbitant prices. People are outside the Vancouver, B.C. airport selling plain surgical masks for $10 apiece.

    After reading up on the run on masks in other countries, I just ordered some 3M N95 masks from a janitorial company. They are no longer selling to buyers outside the United States.

    Just want to know what other people are doing....
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  3. by   Stargazer
    We tried to order some boxes yesterday from our supplier (Bellevue/Redmond [Washington State, for the rest of you] area) and could only get 2 boxes of 35, thanks to a rival company's buying an enormous quantity earlier in the week. Our supplier is now trying to get more from the Midwest area.