Latent TB

  1. Hello, I am currently working per diem in a hopsital for about 2 years and I just got diagnose with latent tb. Do I need to let my hospital know. I am concern that they can fire me. What they can do? thanks in advance
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  3. by   laflaca
    You should talk with Occ shouldn't be fired! You will need to show clear chest xrays and certify that you don't have symptoms like weight loss, night sweats, hemoptysis etc. With *latent* TB you are not contagious. We can't give medical advice here, but you will probably want to review with your doctor (or your occ health department, if you had a known TB exposure at work) whether prophylatic treatment would be appropriate in your case. Without the treatment, you stand a 5-10% chance of going on to develop active TB at some point (and higher risk if you are immunocompromised for some reason); the treatment reduces that risk.