job interview at infectious disease office

  1. Ahhh! I just received a call today from a doctor at a great nearby hospital that I would love to work at saying she would like to interview me TOMORROW for a position at an infectious disease physicians office. she seemed kinda in a rush on the phone and gave me very little info other than I would be administering IV antibiotics, checking labs, picc line sites, pt history, so on. I'm really excited for this opportunity, not only since this is the first interview I've been offered since graduating in July but also because it sounds very interesting and it is a very important field right now. I think I could get great experience from this job.

    But I am sooo nervous for the interview!! I really do not have alot of experience with interviews and dont know what to expect from the interview. She found my resume on so it sounds as if they are in need, hopefully that will work to my advantage. Anyways, any tips from fellow nurses on questions they may ask? Or important questions I should ask back? Any tips would be great!!
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