Influenza Vaccinations

  1. Hi, I apologise if this has already been discussed.

    The facility I work at strongly encourages clinical staff to have a flu vaccination. I have chosen not to. The reson for this is that I have had it twice before, both times I became ill for 3-4 months with myalgia, fatigue... the conclusion was that it must have been the flu vac as it happened both times I had it. Last time I had to decrease my working hours to cope with it... Used up all of my sick leave in the month immediately after having the vaccination.... Was investigated by physicial for chronic fatigue syndrome (thankfully it was not permanent!)

    Does anyone have any similar problems with the flu vaccine, or know of any research about this? There is evidence out there, but it has been discredited as being anecdotal. It is difficult for me with colleagues, they have been indoctrinated into the "Flu vac is safe, there are never any side effects" campaign. I have heard of mind symptoms lasting up to 2 weeks, but never this long.

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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