Infectious disease control for staff (non-medical)

  1. A what? Yeh, I'm a plumber (and a medic) who specializes in protecting maintenance workers from infectious disease. (Have you thought about who fixes the trap under a sink after a liter of infectious disease is poured down the drain?) Any referrals on the topic will be very much appreciated.
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  3. by   BugsRme
    Hospital based Infection Control Nurse here. I will have to do some searching for specific resources for the plumbing industry. I have seen some information out there before. Most of it was on encouraging plumbing industry workers to get vaccinted against Hepatitis A and B.
    If I were developing a program for plumbers right now- I'd probably be doing some education on the Hepatitis A and B vaccines, first aid- how to treat a open wound that has been exposed to sewage or dirty water until the worker can get to medical care. I'd also be thinking about writing policy (if it was not already in place) to require that plumbers working with sewer lines or contaminated water lines use personal protective equipment. I'd be making the use of good fluid reisistant work gloves and eye protection manditory. I'd also be checking to see how the OSHA Blood-Borne pathogen standards might apply in this line of work and use that as my guide for staff education and policy/procedure development.
    I'll look for those resources. PM if necessary