IC Nurse Coverage

  1. HELP! I've been tapped to cover for the IC nurse who is leaving on the 20th....I will only get 16 to 20 hours of orientation with her prior to this date. Any help will be appreciated! I get to cover until newby is on board.

    Words of wisdom Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Web sites that you use?
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  3. by   lniler
    Infection Control is a specialty, so don't expect to learn it overnight. Best references are CDC (free), SHEA (membership required for most tools), APIC (membership required for most tools), JCAHO, OSHA. A good medical text of Infectious Diseases, & a good Microbiology text would be helpful. Knowledge of principles of Epidemiology is important, as well. Hope the permanent replacement arrives soon!
  4. by   fgoff
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

    I'll check this out!