Herpes 1 vs Herpes 2

  1. I recently overheard a MA telling a patient that his labs were "positive for Herpes 2 which means you have genital herpes". I thought you could be positive for Herpes 2 because you had a history of cold sores, even though you weren't currently having symptoms. I know cold sores are typically Herpes 1, but they can interchange, right? I don't want this patient to worry that he has a STD when really the only reason the lab was positive was because of a history of cold sores.
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  3. by   Sharon
    Regardless of where the infection is located, on the lips in the case of cold sores or on the genitalia in the case of ulcers, the infection is sexually transmitted.

    Someone with oral herpes is much more likely to transmit the infection at an earlier age because it can be transmitted through minimal oral contact.