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    I have a question. I'm really just looking for reassurance I guess. Today, while I was at work I accidently cut myself with the IV spike when I was re-spiking a bag of fluids. The patient had been hooked up to these fluids all day and they were running at 125cc/hr. The IV had stopped due to air in the I unhooked the patient to prime the line and spiked a new bag of fluids and thus cut myself through my glove, I did bleed a little. A slight amount of blood was backed up in the IV line right where it connected to the patient but none no where near the spike. I asked a couple of nurses that I worked with but they said not to worry about it that I was ok. I probably would not give this a second thought except that the patient did have a history of IV drug use.....What do you all think?

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  3. by   augigi
    I wouldn't worry as the likelihood of a transmission would be extraordinarily low, but I would definitely fill out and incident report and attend the ER for testing as per our hospital policy.