Doxycycline effective treatment for HA MRSA?

  1. I had surgery 2 weeks ago, and have not been recovering. My doctor said it was MRSA and ordered oral Doxycycline. I am a RN, but have never doxy be used as a treatment for HA MRSA. Any insight or tidbits is so appreciated.:imbar
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  3. by   manncer
    Doxycycline and Minocycline are both viable alternatives. Rifampin can be given along with Mino or Doxy. Clindamycin is effective except resistence is growing. I wouldn't try Bactrim myself. And of course linezolid is very effective against MRSA (Nosocomial or otherwise)[but, expensive]. If the infections reoccur you might have to be decolonized, with mupirocin and Hibiclens washes.
    Note: John's Hopkins has an excellent antibiotic guide, online, for professionals.
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  4. by   ElvishDNP
    I have heard of this before.

    If you have any question specific to your case, you might ask your doc about what literature he uses for reference as well.