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  1. hi. i am currently in my first yr of nursing and i am doing a project on infection control nurse. i have found a bit of info but i can't find anything on the wages that infection control nurses make on average and i am having trouble with finding information on canadian national stats.

    if you have any info i could greatly use it.

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  3. by   Myxel67
    No idea about actual salaries. But IC nurses where I have worked are usually nurses with tons of experience and they are working in Quality Assurance. Most are salaried, and salaries are probably high.
  4. by   pstutzman
    APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology) released a Salary and Career Survey in the Winter 2007, "APIC News." This would be the best reference for your project. The majority of respondents had a salary range of $50,000 to $74,000.