Deborah Norvelle and madcow disease.

  1. There was a show on MSNBC about clusters of madcow disease in humans showing up in USA. From the info they gave on that show one could not be blamed for wondering if there is some sort of big cover up going on in the US. The agriculture department is in bed with the big beef suppliers and has been for a long time. What is mad cow in humans called again? Is it CJD or something?
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  3. by   Kudra
    variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease...

  4. by   nurseunderwater
    La La......just a little diddy....

    don't eat me
    and if you do
    eat organic or
    it might eat you.....

    The subject of food safety, the gov and the FDA is so massive I can't even begin because I will rant forever...Just eat non-GMO plants and free-range, organic animals....CYA.