career questions about ID nursing

  1. I'm presently in my second year of undergraduate study. I'm currently studying microbiology. I've always thought about infectious disease nursing but I don't know much about what it involves. Could someone tell me more about it? Like what a normal day looks like and how you went about becoming an infectious disease nurse. Thank you.
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  3. by   MrsK1223
    Hi, I'm also interested in the original poster's question. I loved Microbiology and think I would be interested in infection control. I have no idea what the qualifications are for that type of job.
  4. by   Myethpio
    I'm interested too! I hope someone out there can give us a better idea of what studies/degrees are involved for a position like this... ?
  5. by   HazelLPN
    Well...if you are a microbiology major, you will know a lot more about microbiology than most of the staff nurses on the floor! To go into ID can either be an LPN or an RN....though its harder these days for LPNs to get job in the hospital setting. No special training in school is required...and much of what you learn will be on the job.