C-Diff or HAI prevention Collaborative.. need advice

  1. Hi there! I am an RN with a Masters in Public Health Nursing. I just started a new position at a state health department to be the program lead on starting a pilot CDiff collaborative that includes acute care hospitals, LTAC, and LCTF in this one county in my state. They hope to extend it statewide if it goes well.

    I'm reaching out to see if any of you have had any experience starting up collaborative or being part of a collaborative. I want to know your experience, any tips, lessons learned, etc. My role is pretty independent and not clearly defined. They really want me to form this from the ground up. I'm so excited and happy to have this role but I'm new at this and want to get good advice from you guys who are experts at this!

    Feel free to reply or private message me.

    Thanks in advanced!
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