anyone an ID-NP?

  1. I'm looking at a program (UW SON). Anyone here a student there, or actually working as an NP with ID? If so, can you describe what you do?
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  3. by   TuckerBug
    I'm not, but I'm entering the ID-ANP program at UW in September..I'm in their MEPN (Master's Entry) program now. E-mail me if you wanna chat.
  4. by   NHavenRN
    I considered this sort of program when I was applying to RN-MSN programs, but couldn't quite find one to suit me, so I'm trying to get the experience through interest is in providing primary care and dz management for HIV/AIDS pts, say in a community health clinic with a significant HIV+ pt population, or even in an HIV+ focused clinic. I'm working right now on an ID floor as an RN, and (fingers crossed!) will have a clinical placement with an ID doc next semester.