Another lurking student curious about ID. I want to hear your story!

  1. Hello,

    I'm going to be starting a nursing program soon (that will ideally end with a BSN) and I've been skulking around this forum quite a bit. I'm really interested in getting into ID nursing in the future for a number of reasons, I've read a ton of informative and fascinating posts to try and get an idea of what ID nursing positions are like, what kinds of preparation and experience are involved, etc., but I had a thought. I have what I think is a good grasp on what it's like on paper, but I'd love to hear the more somewhat personal side from people with experience.

    Tell me a story! Good, terrible, funny, sad, frustrating, anything you'd like about your experience in ID or in getting to where you are professionally. What's unique about ID nursing? What do you love about what do you do? What could you do without? What made your best coworker great? What do you wish you had known about your job before you started? Whatever you'd like.

    Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.
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