Infection Prevention RN inteveiw!!!!


HI everyone! I just joined, but have read on here many times about different topics. My first ever post though! It looks like I will be having an interview in the next week or so for a Infection Prevention RN position at a hospital system I currently work at. I have been in the float pool for the last 9 years. I finished my BSN in 2013, have been an ADN RN since 2001. I recently hurt my shoulder, and am waiting for a roator cuff surgery. Because of the injury I have been looking at other opportunities in our facility and put out my application recently and just heard back from the hiring manager today! So anyone out there working in this position? What's it like? Do you enjoy it? It's definately a different way to be a nurse than direct patient care.... I am kind of excited, but nervous. I haven't inteviewed in 9 years! So wish me luck and any words of advice would be much appreciated!!!!!