Infection control question


I am working on an infection control presentation for EMS/Pre-hospital and I need a little help.

So my question at this point, (I may have more later) is about normal flora. I know that MY strain of e coli isn't bad for me (relatively speaking) but if MY e coli gets on/in someone else, then it is harmful for them. Unless I have lived with or shared a bathroom with someone for several months will we colonize each other with the same strains of bacteria and become immune to each other.

What is this concept called? I know about fecal transplantation but I am talking about just the strains of bacteria that won't hurt the host but could cause harm to anyone else who acquired it. I tried to google it but there are just too many words and I usually get results that deal with just normal flora and what lives where.

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recommend you do some reading on the CDC website and others related to topic