1. So, I am have completed my application for ISU's LPN to BSN program for Fall 2017 and am wondering if anyone else is waiting for an admission decision?? I was told the admission committee meets late May and decisions will be emailed first week of June, has anyone heard differently?
    I am so nervous and excited to find out if I was accepted. I took the Kaplan Test and exceeded all benchmarks with an overall score of 84%.
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  3. by   whitoles
    I have applied for Fall 2017 and I was told it will be mid to late June when decisions are made. I also exceeded all benchmarks for the Kaplan Test.
  4. by   thatyamahaR3life
    Hey there, if anyone is still around on this topic - how is everyone's progress with ISU LPN to RN going? Just sent my transcript request today to them for 2019 and would love any and all feedback of nurse's experiences thanks!