ISU FNP program

  1. I just got accepted into ISU FNP program and am starting in January. I was wondering if anyone as any feedback regarding how this program is. I also got accepted into another FNP program and am trying to decide which is a better program and fit for me. With that being said, I would appreciate any feedback from student on Indiana's FNP program!
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  3. by   HerbyRN
  4. by   gelli.25
    Hey! Did you make a decision on which program to go with?
    I plan on applying for isu for fall 2016. Good luck on your decision!
  5. by   HerbyRN
    I accepted ISU for Spring 2016.
  6. by   hotpinkkel
    Hi! I was just curious to see how the program is going. I was accepted into 2 different schools and I am having trouble picking one. How is the program laid out? Is it hard to work full time and take 2 classes?