Is ISU worth it?

  1. Hello! I am an LPN student at Ivy Tech in South Bend. I was wondering if I should transfer my credits and apply to the program at ISU once I graduate and pass the NCLEX? I'm not sure if I should just continue with Ivy Tech or transfer to get my BSN out of the way
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  3. by   ry&ry'smom
    I'm wondering the same thing. I just posted too so hopefully one of us gets some responses.
  4. by   PHLpnpHopefully
    Could you apply to both bridge programs? I just applied for the Fall 2016 semester so hopefully I hear something soon.
  5. by   HealthKibitz
    I think I responded to another one of your posts somewhere. I was accepted for fall this year! Did you hear anything back yet? You may email me! :-)
  6. by   PHLpnpHopefully
    haha I just saw this. I tried to send a message but it won't let me!
  7. by   NurseBre94
    You can message now. I think my settings were messed up.