Clarkson College vs ISU FNP program

  1. HI!
    I'm currently enrolled in the Clarkson College FNP program. It is going okay except their technology is pretty dated. They do not use blackboard or anything like that.

    I was recently accepted to Indiana State University FNP program for Spring 2017 and am thinking of transferring.

    The Clarkson College program makes me fly out there 3 separate times while Indiana State is based online only. According to US News rankings, Clarkson is ranked way higher than ISU. Also, Clarkson is slightly cheaper (not factoring in flying 3 times) than ISU.

    Clarkson is a small college. I feel that it may get me a job faster if they see that I attended a university rather than a small private community medical college.

    What would you guys do? Transfer or just stay?

    How is the ISU FNP program? Is it really hard? Are they flexible with amount of credits they allow you to take?
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  3. by   benrosy
    I'm considering this FNP program. Did you decide to stay?