ISU Fall 2012 Deadline

  1. How many of you completed all CSM's and TEAS Exam as of today? Are you ready to start fall 2012 LPN-BSN program?
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  3. by   Vocationofalifetime
    Hello there!

    I have been working on being ready to apply by the November 1st deadline, but I have decided to push it back one semester. I've completed my TEAS, and got great scores, and tested out of my first challenge course with a 99%. I am nearly done with my second challenge course, N224, and will be taking that exam 10/17. I love the review and feel that I will be in a better place to successfully complete the program if I take my time reviewing before the nine nursing core classes and clinicals.

    I will be taking Pathophysiology Spring semester, 2013 however. Then, it's just the remaining core classes for me. I'm psyched and very happy for the opportunity to complete my BSN through ISU.

    Good luck to all of you!