St. Johns Hospital of St. Vincents hospital Anderson Indiana

  1. Can anyone tell me of the working conditions at St. Johns Hospital Anderson Indiana?

    I am contemplating leaving my positiion to work there and would like to know if I am jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

    Does the hospital have good organization?

    What is the pay rate for experienced LPNs?

    I realize that when you start new somewhere that the oldtimers are going to give the newcomers trouble, how much trouble?

    Too, can anyone explain what LPNs can do regarding IV stuff?

    I come from California and LPN's do not do any type of IV meds and they do not touch port a caths, tlcs, picc lines. They can only hang fluids that doesnt contain medecines of any kind not even vitamines.

    They can hang bloood.

    Let me know from anyone who works at St. Johns of the working conditions and too of medical benefits.

    I would certainly appreciate all your help.

    Thanks, Drenfro
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  3. by   momnmotn
    hi, just kind of curious, did you ever take the job, at ST. Johns? if so, how is it? working conditions, and pay? thanks:spin: