St. Francis Vs. Clarian (Methodist)

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I graduate this friday! yeah! I have two job offers one at St. Francis Hosipital South and one at Clarian Methodist Hospital. Can anyone voice any opinions on which hospital would be the best to work at and why?

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  3. by   antique nurse
    I think well of St. Francis.We have lived here 18 years on the south side. The caring and cocnern of the nurses there has always been a bright spot in when we have visited the er or been hospitalized.St. Francis Beech Grove or South campus would be a good experience as a new grad.Where are you graduating from?
  4. by   goodlife53
    I have been employed a both facilities and I am finding Methodist the best employer on the whole here in Indianapolis.
  5. by   SamNurse80
    I work at Methodist and love it. What area/floor did you get the offer?