St. Elizabeth, Lafayette, IN Accelerated Program?

  1. Is anyone out there working on a BSN (or graduated ) in the 2 year accelerated program with St. Elizabeth? I am in the process of applying and just wondered what you think of their school and the accelerated program. I will hopefully be going Fall 2009.

    Also, is anyone else out there planning on going through the accelerated program Fall 2009? I already have a BSA (Accounting).
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  3. by   JeremyN
    Hi Famous74! I have seen some of your posts, and wanted to say hello to a fellow student enrolled for this fall. Have you registered for your classes yet, or are you enrolling this June in one of their registration sessions? I'm planning on going to the one on June 2nd. Anyway, hello, and I'm sure I'll meet you in a few months. Good luck!
  4. by   famous74
    Hi JeremyN! I have not registered for fall classes yet. I am pretty sure I am going on June 2 also.. I'm looking forward to seeing the St. Joseph campus and learning more about the program. Looking forward to meeting!