Question about L & D floors

  1. Hi everyone, I am a new nursing student (LPN) and was wondering if any Indiana hospitals hire LPN's for their floor? I would love to work on one but not sure even if they do hire lpn's. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   mary23
    It depends on the hospital and the supervisor...I had a friend that worked at Clarian North in Indy as an LPN, but i am in Lafayette and have had no luck getting on at a hospital.
  4. by   rettax2
    Thank you mary23
    I guess it's just not popular lol
  5. by   mary23
    l&D for an lpn is not very popular anywhere in the country for lpns from my understanding...Usually they only hire RN's you have to have certain certification at some places to push the delivery meds and to induce labor and i am not sure if LPN's can or its just a security thing.