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  1. So, I am currently an ABSN student at St. Louis University and will graduate May 2018. I will be moving to Fort Wayne after my wedding since my fiance is going to the seminary there. In the STL area, we have to apply around January and we become graduate nurses when hired (and lose the graduate part upon passing NCLEX), and we go through a longer orientation and a contract period of around 2 years. Is that how IN, specifically Fort Wayne, hospitals work as well? What is the process of application for a new grad? I like the idea of a longer orientation, but I am concerned about being under contract for 2+ years since we will have to move for my fiance's vicarage during his 3rd year. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (sorry if I put this question in the wrong area- I just joined and am still learning the layout)
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Indiana does not have a 'graduate nurse' designation. I am in Indianapolis, not Ft. Wayne, but am not aware of any two year contracts here. You might call Lutheran and Parkview for information. There are smaller hospitals in the surrounding area as well.