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  1. Who all here works for an agency? I have 2 years psych RN experience and am thinking of taking the plunge into agency work. I would prefer to stay in psych but would consider other settings. What type of wages are offered? Is there any permanency to the positions? Thanks in advance........chris
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  3. by   MaddiesMommyRN
    I worked as a staff RN for about 2 years out of school, then got bored and went agency. I know have been doing agency for a little over a year and I LOVE it! I work for RN Specialties Inc., they are based in downtown Indy. Most of the work is also in downtown Indy. There is some permanency to the position....I have contracts for 13 weeks at a time and let me tell ya,my contract has been extended (therefore on the same nursing unit) for 9 months now. Being on the the same unit for so long now, I am like any other staff member and everyone is very appreciative of me being there. My pay is awesome, almost double what I made as a staff nurse. Hope all of this helps. My experience as an agency nurse has been AWESOME, so good that I am not sure if I will ever go back to staff nursing.

    P.S. Their website is