Moving to Ft Wayne in August, which hospital is best to work at?

  1. I am moving to Ft Wayne this August as my fiance has taken a position with IPFW, so I am looking for a new place to work. I have worked in critical care for the last almost 7 years, and want to find a new home where I can again work critical care. It seems that all of the hospitals are only hiring part time employees, and would really like to work full time. Any suggestions out there?
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  3. by   EGriffRN
    Welcome to Fort Wayne! I'm new here too. I'm not yet a nurse (I'm starting at IPFW this summer to pursue a 2nd bachelor's degree to be an RN) but I know that we have a huge healthcare industry around here. 5 hospitals within the city limits. If you have any questions about the city itself, feel free to ask