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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   csab
    (((Sunny))) I sure do hope they will straighten it out for you. That is crazy. I transferred in my Psych and English, and I have credit given on my official transcript so they better take it!

    CONGRATS Blindmouse!!! Wow so Bloomington is sending out LPN letters already? That would make it seem like they sent out RN letters already as well. I don't remember if anyone here was waiting on Bloomington RN besides you.

    Leen, I had the exact same thing happen to me yesterday. Ivy Tech letter shows up in the mailbox, my heart starts pounding and I opened it even before getting back in the house. . . stupid Deans List invitation!!!
  2. by   AnneMarie
    Sunny, I'm SO sorry! You must be completely upset....That's so crazy and makes me upset too because my english class is also from IU (W131). I don't see why they wouldn't take it, though. Did you just include it on your IU transcript or did you actually have it transferred to Ivy Tech to appear on your Ivy Tech transcript? I only submitted my IU transcript (b/c the application said that you could) so I sure hope it didn't have to be "transferred" since they said that an official transcript would work. Oh my, now I'm freaking out too, and I haven't even gotten a letter. My heart sinks for you, Sunny, but hopefully you will get it straightened out. Please keek us all posted on what you find out. Good luck!
  3. by   csab
    I don't know if this info helps or not, but I was told by a nursing chair at Indy that you don't HAVE to have your credits officially transferred before applying/in order to apply. The way she explained it to me was that there might be people who are applying to more than one nursing school, and they don't know which one(s) they will end up being accepted to, so they don't submit official transcripts to Ivy Tech for transfer credit until AFTER they are accepted to Ivy Tech nursing and they KNOW they are going to be attending/graduating from Ivy Tech. So that is why, if you have classes from other colleges that you want to include for application points, you submit official transcripts from the other colleges showing those classes.
  4. by   MistyMiss
    congrats blindmouse!
  5. by   rrainey3
    CONGRATS blindmouse. I wish you the best!
  6. by   sunny1230
    AnneMarie--It was only listed on my IU transcripts, I think. I didn't even fathom that it could be a problem...it never was in the past! Let me know if you get a similar letter (although I hope for your sake that you don't)
  7. by   AnneMarie
    I'm totally freaking now about the IU classes transferring!! Eeek! I don't know why you'd have to formally transfer them onto your Ivy Tech transcript if the application states that you must include transcripts from other colleges....what would even be the point? And one of the info sheets even says to include an official transcript if you have not yet submitted one to the registrar....It just doesn't make sense. What else would you have to do? If I have all of my classes from legit universities and the classes coincide with one another, what else would you need? Sunny, I'll be so anxious to hear what you find out tomorrow, and I'll be sure to let you know if I get the same thing. I'm applying to Indy (I think you saIid your letter was from Evansville) but I'd imagine that policies are universal. I'll say some prayers for you!!

    If anyone else gets letters/news like this, please post!
  8. by   AnneMarie
    By the way, congrats, Blindmouse! That's awesome news!!
  9. by   2bsy2slp
    I know that this may sound like a dumb question, but for those of you who have received letters of acceptance, what do they look like? Are they large envelopes? are they thick? Give me some info please so when my letters comes sometime next week, I can get a feel for what i'm about to read and prepare myself either way. The wait is really starting to drive me crazy!!
  10. by   BlindMouse3
    Mine was a regular sized letter envelope. I opened it--it had the acceptance letter, a form to mail back if I accept or reject, and an envelope to mail it back in. It may have made it slightly thicker, but I wasn't sure til I opened it.

    The rejection letters (that I got last time because I decided to apply without all my classes in. lol) Are just one letter, I think.

    I've also gotten a lot of random mail from Ivy lately. UGH.

    Thanks for the congrats everyone!
  11. by   sunnysideup09
    I think they also use different color paper for those that got in versus those that don't.
  12. by   sunny1230
    Ivy Tech Indianapolis is sending out letters today, so they should get to people early next week. I was in the office trying to straighten out this whole mess today, so that's how I know...in case anyone was wondering
  13. by   AnneMarie
    Wow! They're sending them out today---that's great! I wish we could just pick them up-- lol! I live 5 minutes away but the mail always takes forever! Sunny, how did your meeting go this morning? I really hope you were able to get everything figured out. Did they give you any further indication as to why you received that letter? I don't even know if I want to get the mail anymore---I'm terrified that I'll get a "thanks but no thanks" letter and I'll cry for days!