Ivy Tech Fall 2017 ASN program

  1. Okay so I got Accepted into the ASN program at Ivy Tech Kokomo for the fall of 2017. We have received our emails about orientation but it was somewhat vague. We are supposed to create an account through castle branch for drug testing and background screening but it requested a package code. I've reviewed my email attatchments like 50 times and I don't see a package code anywhere. Is anyone having this issue?
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  3. by   2017Kokomo
    Hi! I would email your campus Nursing admin. I'll send you a private message about that. Since they've switched to an email system there may be a separate email from campus with more details. Our cohort got everything by mail last year.
  4. by   2017Kokomo
    Update: Private message isn't an option so I would call the nursing office they will be helpful and are open regular hours in summer
  5. by   mriley60
    I called today and got it all straightened out! Thank you!