Indy Ivy Tech...where and how much for drug test?

  1. Anyone from lawrence...where did you get your drug test done, and how much was it? Ive called all over the place and cant find one that does all the drugs we need.
    Someone that is in the nursing program already said there was a place on West Washington that does it for $20 dollars, but they can't remember the name of the place...anyone know?
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  3. by   Dannelboo
    I checked labs all over the place and couldn't get what I needed for nursing school. I had to go to my docs office and have it done there. I don't know what it costs because for some reason I never received a bill for it. Lucky me!
  4. by   obicurn
    I got a referral from my doc and had it done at St. Francis South lab.
  5. by   nessajune21
    My doctor wrote me a script and I went to LabCorp and had it done. My insurance covered it so it was a big $0!
    Ask your doctor-- I'm sure he/she will know.
    (Congrats on getting into the program!)