Indiana University Online Pharmacology Anyone?

  1. Has anyone taken NURS B219 (Pharmacology) at IU Independent Study? The teacher is Roberta Shea. Any opinions, advice, or suggestions about this course?

    I am taking it from California because I am applying to an ABSN program.

    Any info appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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    Hi Berklymom,
    Did you take this class? can you now give me any advice?
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    I took the pharmacology online through iusb but it was a different instructor. Easy "A" needless to say.
    I took that course last semester. It wasn't online it was in a classroom. I think all most all students passed. It was not too hard but not easy either. I do not know how the online would compare. It was a lot of memorization and I believe that online would make that part a little easier. I think I ended up with a 92.45(B thanks to the lovely grading scale). Good luck to you!